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​​​Rising Stars are girls between the ages of 6 & 12 who are interested in getting to know about the Miss Alabama & the Miss Alabama's Teen programs and the young women who compete in them.

How Our Rising Star Winners are Chosen:

Miss Birmingham & Miss Cahaba Valley & Miss Hidden River are crowned within the same competition and Miss Birmingham's & Miss Cahaba Valley's & Miss Hidden River's Teen are crowned within the same competition.  The Rising Stars paired with the three winners in each competition event will be crowned the respective winner's Rising Star and will accompany her titleholder to either Miss Alabama's Teen in March, or Miss Alabama in June!



Entry Fee:  $40

one entry fee per category - Teen or Miss

E-Mail Deadline:  October 24, 2024

Headshot photo for Program Book 

Ad Photos - Optional*

Rising Star Introduction Sheet

Accepted by email only

Mail Deadline:  October 26, 2024

Rising Star Local Contract (signed & notarized)

Entry Fee of $40 per category

Ad Fees (where applicable)

Download & Print Required Paperwork Using the Button Below:

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